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Exponential Bets Big on Bitcoin going Public in Canada—OSC approval confirms

Apr 26, 2020 10:54:05 PM / by Exponential Team

Exponential Group (ExG) is proud to announce the launch of Exponential Capital & Markets (ExC&M).

Based in Toronto, Montreal and New York, ExC&M is a global advisory and digital asset platform with broker dealer capabilities. ExC&M provides strategic advisory, capital raising (through our partnership with a FINRA registered broker dealer), research, and M&A as well as digital asset issuance and trading services.

ExC&M’s roots stem from ExG’s venture arm, Exponential Ventures (ExV), a digital security focused venture capital fund that was the sole seed investor in the world’s first federally approved digital security offering. The goal of the fund is to invest in visionary founders and to create meaningful living for every person on the planet. ExV places its emphasis on founder-centric investing, technologists first, and establishing and maintaining deep relationships with governments and investors.

Due to clear market demand from an acceleration of new start-ups and with the launch of ExC&M, ExG will focus on ventures through the entire lifecycle, from early-stage seed capital, business advisory, later stage capital raising, digital security issuance and trading.

In addition to focusing on the entire venture lifecycle, ExG will have several ways for investors to gain exposure through investments in digital securities along a risk/return profile spectrum.

As the industry develops, ExC&M’s aim is to drive positive social change by providing services in an understandable way to world leading entrepreneurs, companies and investors as they enter and navigate the digital asset ecosystem, while also driving the democratization of global digital asset issuance and trading.

Exponential Team

Written by Exponential Team

Exponential is a global digital finance company aimed at creating access to a meaningful life for everyone, everywhere. At our core, we are a fully-integrated venture capital firm with access to investment banking and stock exchange capabilities.

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